Hydraulics Service Repair Center

At Eaton, we relentlessly strive to deliver more value to our customers through our products and services. The Service Repair Center (SRC) at Eaton’s Hydraulics plant in India is a new state-of-the-art facility that has been established with this very imperative. The facility enables us to test, analyze and service products sourced from various Eaton plants across the globe and offer our partners in India with the very best in quality assurance and after-sales service.


With the SRC, Eaton’s Hydraulic business in India is now fully equipped to repair and test all types of pistons, vanes, gear pumps and motors and all kinds of valves like directional, pressure, flow control, conventional and proportional valves. More specifically, it can:

•    test open and close loop pumps up to 350 Bar pressure and 350 CC.
•    test fixed and variable displacement pump with various control options.
•    check the performance of products through its measurement controls and data acquisition systems.
•    check NAS level of oil and Millipore values of the parts.

List of the Products Served

•    Open loop pumps and motors (Piston pump, Vane pump, Piston motor, Vane motor, Orbitrol motors)
•    Hydrostatic transmission (close loop pumps and motors)
•    Directional control valves
•    Pressure and flow control valves
•    Mobile control valves
•    Proportional valves
•    Proportional valve cards

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For more information or enquiries please contact:

Assistant General Manager- Service

Contact Name: Shridhar Shenolikar
Email ID: ShridharAShenolikar@Eaton.com

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