Alpla India

Alpla India

"We have not had downtime or systems' damage ever since we installed Eaton UPS and we are absolutely confident that the Eaton UPS will deliver impeccable uptime,"
Rajen Shah
Vice President - Engineering, Technology &
Operational Excellence


As the international technology leader in the field of plastic packaging, Alpla provides its clients with innovative, quality products.

Alpla manufactures plastic packaging solutions - bottles, jars etc.; especially for FMCG companies like Cadbury, Reckitt & Beckinser, P&G, Zandu Pharma, Emami, Unilever.


Alpla uses K- TEC Injection Molding machines (manufacturing double colored products) with a special designed mould in all its plants to manufacture plastic packaging products.

K-TEC, one of the most productive injection molding machines available on the market today, is known for exceptional precision and repeatability, fast cycle times, high injection rates and pressure and parallel functions.

In the areas where Alpla India's plants are located, power cuts are frequent and last for a minimum 5 mins to many hours. Power failures and power incidents increase the chances of breakdown of Alpla's machines and the mould tool.

A power incident can be a Power Failure, Power Sag, Power Surge to Under voltage, Over voltage and onwards to Switching transients, Line Noise, Frequency Variation and Harmonic Distortion. These power incidents can lead to material wastage and productivity loss leading to a loss of business and loss of reputation.

Mr. Rajen Shah, Vice President - Engineering, Technology & Operational Excellence, Alpla India, says, "Our plants run on 80- 90% capacity at all times. We needed a power quality solution with very high availability. For us downtime translates into huge monetary losses. Continuous and Quality power is very essential for Alpla otherwise the Mould tool and K-Tec machines get damaged. The tools are very expensive and replacing them takes a long time."

Eaton 9395 offers the highest reliability ® and availability with Powerware Hot Sync paralleling, superior battery management, inherent redundancy and a scalable architecture that adapts to increasing power requirements.


With prospects of huge production losses staring them in the face, due to daily power incidents, Alpla India started looking for an efficient, cost effective UPS with over 90% availability.

"Initially we had thought that genset solution coupled with utility power would be sufficient to service our needs. But the low quality and inconsistency of utility power supplied, made us do a major rethink," Rajen says.

Alpla started the sourcing process for a UPS suitable to their unique requirements.


Alpla India's systems and equipment are safe from utility power damage. They are now able to:

  • Provide the highest level of availability for their critical systems at all times
  • Benefit from cutting-edge technology, with the UPS's advanced design
  • Energy Saver System (ESS) dramatically increase the UPS efficiency without sacrificing protection, all the while reducing energy costs and putting money back into the budget.
  • Achieve redundancy for enhanced reliability
  • Easily maintain and service the UPS solution