Madhav Alloy

Madhav Alloy

Eaton's Unalloyed Power Packed Performance in Madhav Alloy


Madhav Alloy is one of the leading manufacturers in secondary steel market in North India, with a turnover of INR 700 crores.

The group's name is synonymous with distinct quality and enhanced customer satisfaction. It has created a unique differentiation in the steel sector. Established in the year 2002, it has been progressing at a fast pace.

The group also manufactures and supplies various industrial products like mild steel angles and mild steel beams. Madhav Udyog Pvt. Ltd. and Madhav Alloy Pvt. Ltd. are companies within the Madhav Group.


Utility Power Supply Challenges In the city of Ludhiana, there are many unscheduled and untimely power failures and tripping for variable periods of time. These unannounced power failures negatively impact the engineering industry in the city. Many furnace units have been forced to close down their production activities which directly hit the price structure of the iron and steel products used as basic raw material in the engineering industry.

In such a dire power supply scenario, there are significant losses in the form of downtime, man-hours lost, productivity, process Eaton's Unalloyed Power Packed Performance in Madhav Alloy Product ® Eaton Power Xpert 9395 UPS, 550 kVA Locations Akalgarh, Patiala Punjab Market Served Manufacturing / Steel Application Steel Industry (Induction Furnace – Continuous Casting Machine) Products TMT Bars / Angles / Beams / Channels / Billets break ups and monetary losses in the manufacturing processes. Apart from power losses there are frequent power incidents.

A power incident can be a power failure, power tripping, power sag, power surge to under voltage, over voltage and onwards to switching transients, line noise, frequency variation and harmonic distortion. These power incidents can also lead to material wastage and productivity loss leading to a loss of business and loss of reputation.

Intrinsic Challenges Steel manufacturing units like Madhav Alloy utilise a critical process called 'continuous casting' to manufacture TMT bars etc.

Continuous casting, also called strand casting, is the process whereby molten metal is given shape and solidified into a "semi finished" billet, bloom, or slab for subsequent rolling in the finishing mills. It allows lower-cost production of metal sections with better quality, due to the inherently lower costs of continuous, standardised production of a product, as well as providing increased control over the process through automation. The continuous casting machine (CCM) is installed in the induction furnace project.

It is extremely critical for the company to keep the CCM running during the tripping caused due to intermittent power failures. A continuous and conditioned power backup is required for CCM, so that there are no process breakages, which result in manhours loss, productivity loss and material loss; whereby the entire process has to be restarted.

A 'CCM machine' needs a lot of motors to keep in a continuous running mode. During power tripping, if even one motor trips, the whole process breaks entailing huge losses for the company. Therefore, during steel manufacturing, steel units spend a lot of money to set up overhead water tanks. These are used in induction furnaces for a continuous supply of cooling water, to keep motors running smoothly, for at least 30 minutes despite power supply failures.

Mr. Munish Goyal, Managing Director, Madhav Alloy says, "Our plants run on full capacity approx. 500 TPD. We needed a power quality solution which could help us to cope with a hugely unpredictable power tripping situation. The downtime translates into enormous productivity and monetary losses due to process breakage in the CCM machine functioning. Continuous and quality power is really vital for Madhav Alloy." Eaton's Power Xpert 9395 UPS offers the highest ® reliability and availability with Hot Sync paralleling, superior battery management, inherent redundancy and a scalable architecture that adapts to increasing power requirements.


Madhav Alloy decided to look for an efficient, cost effective UPS with over 90% availability which could prevent the massive production losses, due to daily power failures and tripping.

"A genset solution coupled with utility power is not viable for the highly frequent power tripping that we face in our city," said Mr. Goyal. "We needed a unique solution which could tide over the time lag during the power tripping – from utility power supply to UPS; and from UPS to DG Set, without stopping any motor from tripping."

When Madhav Alloy started the sourcing process for a UPS suitable to their unique requirements, Eaton was one of the front runners in the process. The customer was looking for a smooth process flow through power continuity, with minimum downtime and qualitative power, to minimise losses and improve productivity.



  • Madhav Alloy's CCM machinery is safe from utility power damage. The Eaton Power Xpert 9395 provides the highest level of availability for their manufacturing setup at all times
  • Benefit from cutting-edge technology, with the UPS's advanced design
  • Energy Saver System (ESS) dramatically increases the UPS efficiency without sacrificing protection, all the while reducing energy costs.
  • Achieve inherent redundancy for enhanced reliability
  • Easily maintain and service its UPS solution