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Head Office: Pune

Eaton Fluid Power Limited
Hydraulics Division
145, Off Mumbai-Pune Road
Pimpri, Pune – 411018

Board line Number
Tel No : 020 66330002 / 020 66330083

General Manager- Sales and Marketing
Contact Name: Shandar Alam
Email ID:

General Manager - ACE (Application and Commercial Engineering) & Market Development
Contact Name: Soami Das
Email ID: SoamiDDas@Eaton.Com

Manager- Product Marketing (Power and Controls Products)
Contact Name
: Ravindra Tumkar
Email ID:

Assistant General Manager- Distribution and Market Development (Industrial)
Contact Name
: Murthi Kanchinadham
Email ID:

General Manager - Human Resources
Contact Name: Makarand Kotalwar
Email Id:

Assistant General Manager - Exports
Contact name: Rajesh Atreja
Email Id:

For all Export enquiries, please contact write to:

For any enquiry on hydraulics products, write us:

Regional Office 

North Region – Uttar Pradesh

Eaton Fluid Power Ltd,
A1B1, 3rd floor, TDI,
Plot No. – 7, Jasola,
New Delhi - 110025

Manager - Sales
Contact Name: RaviJi Bhat
Email ID:
Cell No: +91-9999684909
Tel No: +91 120-3855300

East Region - Kolkata

Eaton Fluid Power Limited, Matrix Towers, Office No. 203, 2nd Floor, Block No. D. N. 24, Sector V, Salt Lake Area, Kolkata – 700091

Deputy Manager - Sales
Contact Name: Ashish Shukla
Email ID:
Cell No: +91 9903835511
Tel No: +91 33-40040992

West Region- Pune

Deputy General Manager: Sales
Contact Name: Mridul Nagpal
Email ID:
Cell No: +91 9765567143
Tel No: +91 020 663 30711

West Region- Gujarat

Deputy Manager Sales
Contact Name: Dharmesh Mody
Email ID:
Cell No: +91 9727382030

South Region - Chennai

Eaton Fluid Power Limited, #36, Nehru Street, Off Old Mahabalipuram, Sholinganallur, Chennai,
Pincode- 600119

Assistant General Manager- Sales
Contact Name: Sankaranarayanan AR
Email ID:
Cell No: +91 91766 83763
Tel No: +91 44 44501559

South Region - Bangalore

Eaton Fluid Power Limited, Prestige Atrium, Unit 501, 4th floor, Central Street, Shivajinagar, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560002

Manager Sales
Contact Name: Jayanth Kumar
Email ID:
Cell No: +91 9741491231
Tel No: +91 80-49012203

Manager: Sales
Contact Name: Nagendra H L
Email ID:
Cell No: +91 9764998673
Tel No: +91 80 49012200

South Region – Hyderabad

Srinagar Colony Main road,H. No: 8-3-960/10, # 102, Anand Bhavan,Hyderabad-500073

Deputy Manager Sales
Contact Name: Jagadish Kalshetty
Email ID:
Cell no: +91 9866982752

Service Support

North Region

Engineer - Field Services
Contact Name: Pramod Mishra
Email ID:

West Region

Deputy Manager- Field Services
Contact Name: Prateep Gowda
Email ID:
Cell No: +91 9999304156
Tel No: +91 020 66330712

East Region

Assistant Manager- Field Service
Contact Name: Pawan Singh
Email ID:
Cell No: +91 7781014213

South Region

Assistant Manager- Field Services
Contact Name: Mukesh V
Email ID:
Cell No: +91 9962825272
Tel No: + +91 44 44501559

Deputy Manager- Field Service
Contact Name: Balasubramanian A
Email ID:
Cell No: +91 9444506343
Tel No: +91 44 44501578

For all service enquiries, write us: