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Gear Motors

Eaton began manufacturing gear pumps and motors for the growing aerospace industry in the 1960s. Today, these products are delivered to customers worldwide for a broad range of mobile and industrial applications that need higher pressure, quiet operation, long life, and a full range of options and features.

Eaton gear motors offer bi-directional rotation and the ability to integrate functions including valves and controls to produce compact, cost-saving systems. Standard motors can be used singly, or in multiple combinations to meet application requirements, or Eaton can design custom motors for specific applications.

Their cost-effective performance, combined with Eaton’s state of the art innovation and manufacturing processes make Eaton gear motors an ideal choice for a wide range of equipment applications including construction, agriculture, material handling, aerial lifts, and turf care. Eaton gear motors are also widely used in hydraulic fan drive systems for mobile vehicles.

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