For almost a century, Eaton has been supplying the trucking industry with products designed to improve vehicle performance, power and increase profitability.

That’s why Eaton works with fleet owners and trucking companies to produce the highest quality drivetrain and safety systems available to address the industry’s most pressing needs.

Today we create innovations in hybrid power and low emission vehicles as a leading provider of diesel-electric hybrid power systems for truck and bus applications on three continents. Eaton is also developing hydraulic hybrid power systems technologies for use in refuse trucks, delivery vehicles, buses and other applications.

Whether you need hydraulic hybrid technology or diesel-electric hybrid power systems, trust Eaton to bring you the essential components of low emission vehicles.

Original equipment manufacturers around the globe count on Eaton's extensive experience in tailor-made solutions that enhance the overall vehicle efficiency, reliability, safety and drivability.

Eaton offers transmission designed to suit medium to heavy duty commercial vehicles.
There are two basic versions – 6 Speed & 9 Speed